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GBians Demand from Pakistan & Appeal to the UN

A demand from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and an appeal to the United Nations by the public of Gilgit-Baltistan:
We, the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, holding estimated population of 1,000,000. covering an area of 72,971 km² (28,174 sq mi) along with the highly mountainous region, demanding our legal rights from the Government of Pakistan, we have been ignored for the last 66 years since 1947, after We (The People) decided to get aligned with our neighbor country (Pakistan) despite that having our own independent State, own Flag and own Government, for the sake of harmony and brotherhood. But still, being ignored by the Government of Pakistan from the fundamental rights like;
1- A Gilgiti/Balti is not allowed for casting vote in the National elections of Pakistan.
2- A Gilgiti/Balti cannot be a Prime minister of Pakistan.
3- A Gilgiti/Balti cannot be a General of Pakistan in Infantry, Defence, Navy or Air force except the Medical Core, but still we are fighting in the boarders to save Pakistan risking our lives with National loyalty protecting all of our Pakistani brothers.
4- Gilgit-Baltistan has not been properly recognized as the State or Province of Pakistan by Pakistani Government.
5- After the war of 1972 between Pakistan and India in Kashmir, Pakistan has pushed us as towards Kashmir without asking us, while we (Gilgit Baltistanis) are having different identity and culture, then Kashmiris, although we have sympathy with them as they are our neighbor brothers too as like other Pakistan.
We hope from the Pakistani Government to treat us as their ally partners equally and seeking justice from the United Nations and the International Community please.
Public of the Gilgit-Baltistan