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Alimatha Island - Maldive

The management is relaxed, the animators bronzed and friendly, and the children happily supervised.

The resort is not just for families, far from it, but it does cater for children unusually well. Of first importance is the attitude of the staff to children and here it’s faultless. Then it’s a matter of facilities and activities. There isn’t a swimming pool but the lagoon is nice and shallow and also large enough to be untroubled by waves and currents.

The children’s mini-club has both morning and afternoon sessions, while the adults are on the beach sunning or, often, getting together for aqua aerobics, fun and games. Uniquely there’s also a children’s theatre time immediately after dinner and before the adults’ entertainment, when they can take part in organised singing and dancing and dressing up. It’s quite clear that the kids are having a great time. In the restaurant they aid and abet the convivial flow between the tables.

The buffets are impressive and the restaurant well positioned near the water’s edge. Its high roof is thatched and the floor either wood or sand. There is a carafe of wine on the table and the self-service draught beer and soft drinks are complimentary. Everyone is on the same full board arrangement.

The main beach is very large and in the right place - facing south and near the jetty, reception and watersports centre, from where the music is pumped out. The west side has some beach but the rest of the island has a low wall between the sand and the water for protection against further erosion.

Some of the tallest palm trees of any resort are on Alimatha. The island looks lovely from the sea. The bushes between the rooms and the beach, however, have been cleared so it is light above and the views to the lagoon are unimpeded.

Without much vegetation around the rooms, the privacy is reduced but that is not much of an issue on this island. Many guests prefer to leave their sliding glass doors open and bring their wicker chairs out onto the veranda the better to enjoy the natural and human sights and sounds.