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Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara - Srilanka

Being just seven miles from Colombo, Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya is the most sought after Temple for the Buddhists in and around Colombo. On the Eighth year after the Enlightenment, the Lord Buddha has visited this sacred site, which had been the Third and the last visit to Sri Lanka by the Gauthama Buddha.

Situated on the banks of Kelani River, which is originating from Sri Pada , makes this Temple surroundings attractive for the devotees who come to worship this hallowed land.

The original Temple and the Stupa or the Dageba, was built in 5th Century BC, but none of the earlier structure survive today.

Mentioned in the Sri Lankan chronicle"Chulavansa" is that, the Kelaniya Temple was five stories high with traditional styling and roofing. It also states that the temple was rebuilt by King Vijayabahu III, (1232-1236) and King Parakrama Bahu II (1236-1270).

In 1510 AD , the temple was destroyed by the Portuguese, who had then conquered the Maritime provinces of the country.