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Singing Sand Bay - China

In all over the world, there are more than 100 places where you can hear the sand sings. In China, there are 6 places, such as Yinken Resonant Sand Bay in Ordos, Mingsha Shan in Dunhuang as well as Mulei in Xinjiang. Yinkeng Resonant Sand Bay (briefed as Resonant Sand Bay or Xiangshawan银肯响沙湾) is nicknamed as the king.

According to scientists, three geological conditions are necessary to foster this natural wonder: first, the sand dune must be giant and steep; second, the leeward side should be crescent-shaped and face the sun; third, there must be water originating from the foot of this sand dune and forming a pond. Besides, temperature and moisture in the air also matter. Hence, sunny days are favorable compared to rainy days.