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New York: Child Recites Quran in American Senate

New York: A ten years Muslim child recited Holy Quran in New York at American Senate where Barak Obama, the President of United States of America, was sitting among Senators. This was the first time in the history of America when the verses of Holy Quran were recited in any government institute. The presence of American President was the main highlight of the session.
In New York City, the Senate session began with the beautiful recitation of Holy Quran and ten years old American Muslim child did this great job. He mesmerized the audience including President of United States of America through his beautiful voice. The pin drop silence during the recitation made a great impact on people.
Before this event, an American priest invited Muslims at Church in New York City for the purpose of making harmony among different religions. He asked an American actor to recite Azan in Church in the presence of Muslims, Christians and Jews. He mesmerized the audience presented at church and once he came out, so many youngsters requested him to recite Azan once more time.
The popularity of Islam is increasing day by day among young people of United States of America as they are doing research on Holy Quran. So many American citizens have embraced Islam over the years as Holy Quran gives them the complete code of conduct of living life. It brings spiritual peace and harmony in the lives of people.
Therefore, so many Mosques, Islamic research centers and institutes are playing key role in spreading the true image of Islam among citizens of United States of America. In New York City, many priests have embraced Islam after reading the verses of Quran as these verses provide authentic reasons of every issue. Interestingly the ratio of American women converting to Muslims has better than men.