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PK Aamir Khan Copies Mr. Bean?

From the time, the first trailer of PK has been released, people have mumbled about how Aamir Khan‘s weird antics resembles that of Mr. Bean. How? Let us tell you.
If you are a fan of Bean, you must have seen the way he emotes. How his face wrinkles up everytime he thinks of a mischief. Whatever he does is never normal yet it makes for a funny ride. Aamir can be seen doing the same thing by popping out his eye, looking aghast at you, all that resembles Bean.
In the PK teaser, Aamir Khan doesn’t speak at all. He only talks through his actions. And, if you have watched Mr. Bean- the hollywood flick, Rowan Atkinson(Mr. Bean) has hardly any dialogues. He communicates mostly through actions. And so does Aamir in PK.
Well, last time a film tried to imitate a legend, it got mired by controversies. Yes, it earned but it was shamed too heavily for borrowing Charlie Chaplin‘s antics. So Beware Aamir!